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Предлагать Suggest или Offer

SUGGEST (предложить действие, делание или что-то или чтобы мы что-то сделали)

OFFER (предлагать что-то конкретное свое, свою услугу или вещь)

He suggested that we should go home. Он предложил пойти домой, т.е. он выдвинул идею пойти домой.

He offered me a job. Он предложил мне работу, т.е. он предложил от себя мне нечто конкретное.

Важно!!! Глаголы suggest и offer отличаются не только значением, но и сочетаемостью с другими частями предложения!

Главное отличие – это то, что после offer ставится инфинитив , а после suggest – герундий

OFFER (предлагать что-то конкретное свое)

To offer smth. He offered his help.

To offer smb. smth. He offered me his help.

To offer smth to smb. He offered his help to me.

To offer to do smth. He offered to help

to ask someone if they would like to have something or if they would like you to do something:

[ + two objects ] I feel bad that I didn't offer them any food/offer any food to them.

She was offered a job in Paris.

Can I offer you (= would you like) a drink?

"Would you sell me that painting?" "What are you offering (= what will you pay) for it?"

[ + to infinitive ] My father offered to take us to the airport.

[ + speech ] "I'll do the cooking," he offered.

[ T ] also offer up to say a prayer or make a sacrifice (= an act of killing or giving up something) to a god:

Dear Lord, we offer up our prayers...

  • Don't offer him a cigarette, he's trying to give up.

  • He flashed a smile and offered to buy me a drink.

  • It wasn't me who offered to go, it was Charlotte.

  • "Would you sell me that painting?" "What are you offering for it?"

  • You can't offer such a low salary to someone who is so highly skilled - it's insulting.

It's an organization that offers free legal advice to people on low incomes.

It says in the guide that this area offers some of the best walks in England.

  • [ + two objects ] We are now offering you the chance to buy the complete set of pans at half price. Did he offer any explanation for his strange behaviour?

  • It doesn't have much to offer as a town - its shops are fairly poor and there's only one cinema. OFFER (NOUN|сущ) предложение

  • the act of asking if someone would like to have something or if they would like you to do something:

  • "If you like I can help out." "That's a very kind offer."I must say the offer of two weeks in Hawaii is very tempting.informal One day I'll take you up on (= accept) that offer.

  • make an offer / also put in an offer ​to say officially that you would like to buy something,especially a house, at a particular price:They were asking €180,000 for the apartment, so I put in an offer of €170,000.I've made an offer on a house in Pine Banks.​

  • a reduction in the usual price of sth, usually for a short period: Don't miss out on our latest offer.

  • on offer ​available to be bought or used:We were amazed at the range of products on offer.

  • on (special) offer uk If goods in a shop are on (special) offer, they are being sold at alower price than usual.

  • under offer uk If a house is under offer, someone has already suggested a particular price at which they would be willing to buy it.

SUGGEST (предлагать действо или идею, план действий)

To suggest smth. (to smb.) He suggested a good idea (to John).

To suggest doing smth. He suggested going home.

To suggest that smb. (should) do smth. He suggested that we (should) go home.

To suggest to smb. smth./ doing smth. He suggested to me going home.me.

To suggest smb’s doing smth. He suggested our going home.

to mention an idea, possible plan, or action for other people toconsider:

I suggested an Italian restaurant near the station for the party.

formal Might I suggest a white wine with your salmon, sir?

[ + (that) ] I suggest (that) we wait a while before we make any firm decisions.

Liz suggested (that) I try the shop on Mill Road.

[ + -ing verb ] I suggested putting the matter to the committee.

[ + question word ] Can you suggest where I could buy a dozen roses?

formal to produce an idea in the mind:

Does anything suggest itself? (= Do you have any ideas about what we should do?)

Есть еще одно слово, которое переводится на русский, как предлагать и предложение чего-то на рассмотрение. Не путать с OFFER (свои услуги, помощь, товары) и SUGGEST (действия, план, общую идею)

PROPOSE (предлагать официально на рассмотрение идею действия)

He proposed a compromise. Он предложил компромисс. The report also proposes extending the motorway. В докладе также предлагается расширить шоссе. I propose that we continue the meeting tomorrow. Я предлагаю продолжить встречу завтра.

PROPOSE IS to offer or suggest a possible plan or action for other people to consider:

[ + that ] I propose that we wait until the budget has been announced before committing ourselves to any expenditure.

[ + -ing verb ] He proposed dealing directly with the suppliers.She proposed a boycott of the meeting.He proposed a motion that the chairman resign.

[ T ] to suggest someone for a position in, or as a member of, anorganization:To be nominated for union president you need one person to propose you and another to second you.​

B2 [ I ] to ask someone to marry you:I remember the night your father proposed to me.

propose a toast

Someone proposed a motion to increase the membership fee to £500 a year.Critics of the president have been pouring scorn on the plan ever since it was first proposed.Now, if you'd all please raise your glasses, I'd like to propose a toast to the brideand groom.

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